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and offramp -- president clinton and offramp -- they are offering president putin an offramp. john kerry in his tour on sunday talk shows mentioning and highlighting there will be more pain to come unless he backs down. that will lose the glow came out of the olympics. g8 if not remain in the this continues. american business may pull back. there may be a further total of the ruble. a jesus christ day. -- a very bad day. then there is the offramp, the motivation to president clinton paragraph -- mind usedis the pretexts he has so far during this action. maybe he will back down. he did not close the door on seniorcording to officials. >> i went i -- i read one disturbing detail. chancellor angela merkel said to obama that putin is out of reality. >> i think he is rational. a zero-sum world, which most of the rest of the world has moved on from. i do not think any of the measures peter just laid out will move him. i do not see an effective course. he cares more about it than we do by a lot. historically, these economic -- half i do not see the european union agreed to embargo 30% of their
't for today on "in the loop." the former deputy secretary treasury -- of the treasury under bill clinton will join me as a guest host. be sure to tune in. stay in the loop. ♪ >> it is 56 minutes past the hour, that means the bloomberg television is on the markets. i am scarlet fu. we are about 30 minutes into the start of the u.s. trading day. here's where things stand. the s&p 500 bouncing back from its biggest loss in a month. i 22 point. vladimir putin said he would send russian troops to you -- ukraine in extreme circumstances. the threat to energy and agricultural supplies eases just a bit, and the yen strengthening, but week against the dollar. true to the adage, march has come in like a lion. ,e had a storm in california and the dumping of snow in the mid-atlantic and northeast. this is proven by the data in january. , we ares hardest hit discussing this with our guest. what have you learned so far in your data and analytics? >> as you have said, has been a brutal winter, especially in the northeast. and the midwest. hasstimate that weather caused a negative impact on sales in t
altman, former deputy secretary under president bill clinton, and he is also the founder of evercore partners. also with us is republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin who served on the budget committee and the homeland security committee. roger, let's start with you. from secretary of state john kerry. does he have the firepower to follow through? >> this will take a while to play out. let's put it in perspective. theimir putin's move into ukraine is a move out of weakness, not strength. russia had reached an agreement with the ukrainian leadership on package, orn rescue the ukraine would reduce its commitment to the eu, aligned with russia, and in effect we protectorate,'s so to speak. >> and alliance. >> that is what we were three months ago. 10, the government is overthrown -- then, the government is overthrown, a form of democracy breaks out, and russia is on it's heels. >> do you think it is a desperate move? >> i do not know about desperate, but it is born out of weakness. i think vladimir putin has made it clear he does not want to move into the western part of the country
the last few decades, reagan and clinton, that is because they worked across the aisle and found a way to provide leadership and work across the aisle and negotiate. >> to the big reforms -- look at the big reforms we had during those terms. >> absolutely. we have not had leadership in a while. >> we will turn to another subject, yellow cabs and their fight back against uber. the ceo of halo joins us next. they are a rifle to uber. back in a moment. ♪ >> catching a chemist become easier than ever thanks to an onslaught of technology startups. -- catching a cab became easier thanks to an onslaught of technology startups. halo operates as a social network for cabdrivers. joining us with more is the newly appointed ceo, who spent 10 years as an executive with starbucks and help grow starbucks around the world. greg rayburn, my cohost for the hour, is still with us. tell us exec at how this works. i'm trying to wrap my head around this. >> you use your mobile phone, your smart phone, you download the app, and as you are in your apartment, you cap -- tap the app and it sends a signal to t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4